1. Support and encouragement of scientific research. This includes those that pertain to the treatment of diseases that are not limited to the genus Iris. Also, investigation and conservation of this genus in nature.

2. Collecting, compilation, publication of data about the history, classification and breeding of Irises.

3. Public education through exhibitions, public displays gardens, published standards for judges, and meetings open to the general public at local, regional, and national levels.

A. A. The net earnings of this organisation shall not be distributed to its members, officers, directors or any other private person. However, this organization shall have the authority and power to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered as well as to make payments and distribute funds in support of the purposes set forth in these articles. This organization may not engage in any other activity than is permitted by these bylaws.

1. An organization exempted from federal income taxes under section 501(c),(3) of the Internal Revenue Code

2. Contributions to an organization are exempted from tax under section 170(c),(2) of the Internal Revenue Code.

A. A. AIS membership is all that is required. No additional requirements or fees may be imposed. Individual members of AIS can hold regional office and vote in regional elections.

B. Honorary membership can be conferred at any Annual Meeting by vote of the Region membership.

C. Honorary membership automatically extends to Honorary Texans who are commissioned by the AIS

A. A. The officers, the immediate past RVP, and all other standing Committee chairmen make up the Executive Committee.

C. The Region’s Secretary, Assistant RVP and Treasurer will be elected by its members.

D. All officers must assume their duties as soon as the RVP is confirmed. Their terms will run concurrently with the RVP.

A. A. All meetings of the Executive Committee and Region shall be presided over by the RVP. Standing chairpersons will be appointed by the RVP. The RVP can appoint special chairs as required. Except for the nomination committee, the RVP will serve as an ex officio member on all committees. With the approval of AIS Board of Directors, the RVP will appoint each year garden judges. The RVP may also perform other duties that are necessary to the benefit of the Region.

B. B. The Assistant RVP promotes goodwill in the Region.

C. The Secretary shall keep an indefinite record of all minutes taken at Regional and Executive Committee meetings. The Secretary shall keep a record and take care of any correspondence that is designated by the RVP. The Secretary shall keep a list of Honorary Memberships with the date they were conferred. The RVP may assign other duties to the Secretary.

D. The Treasurer shall be responsible for receiving and keeping track of all funds of the organization. He/she shall deposit or disperse the money in the name and manner directed by the RVP/Executive Committee. The Chairperson of Finance Committee shall be the Treasurer.

A. A. The chairperson of this nomination committee shall be the Immediate Past RVP.

B. B. Any other special committee may be appointed by the RVP.

C. All chairpersons must assume their duties as soon as they are appointed. Chairpersons may be assigned additional duties by the RVP beyond those specified in these bylaws.

A. Historian: The Historian will maintain and secure a record of publications, articles (including the Newsletter), photographs, and other information. Region of historical significance. Each issue, the Regional Newsletter Editor will receive articles from the Historian highlighting Region 17’s history.

B. B. Each issue’s regional newsletter editor will be provided with news about upcoming judges training opportunities. The Judges Training Chair will also provide informative articles geared towards current judges to encourage them to become AIS judges.

C. Legal Advisor: The Legal Advisor shall act as a consultant.

D. Membership Chairperson. The membership Chairperson maintains a current list of AIS members. Other duties are performed by the Chairperson to promote AIS membership. Each issue, the newsletter editor will receive articles from the membership chair about recruiting members. Each issue, the regional Newsletter Editor will receive news from the Membership Chair.

E. Newsletter Editor. The Newsletter Editor will edit the official publication, which is “Newsletter from Region 17 of American Iris Society”, and any other publication that the Executive Committee may designate. The Newsletter will be published twice a year (spring and autumn).

F. Youth Chair: This Youth Chair will provide youth news to each regional Newsletter Editor; encourage affiliates to submit youth nominations for awards and work to ensure the continued interest in this age group.

G. All other standing chairpersons and special chairpersons will be assigned by the RVP upon their appointment.

A. A. After a recommendation from the host group, the Executive Committee will determine the date. Under the supervision of the RVP, the Host Society and/or Host Area shall plan and conduct the meeting.

B. The RVP may call special meetings whenever it deems necessary. The Region’s annual meeting will be the Executive Committee’s time. Special meetings may be called by the RVP.

A quorum shall be made up of C. five (5) members at all meetings of the Executive Committee.

D. The Executive Committee shall be authorized to conduct official business during annual meetings via mail, telephone, or electronic mail provided that there are sufficient standing rules to preserve the integrity of the deliberative process.

A. A. As chairman, the Immediate Past RVP will serve. The RVP will appoint two (2) members from Region 17. Two (2) of these members are elected by the general membership. Two (2) members may not be from the same affiliate.

B. B. The RVP’s office may be vacant. In such cases, the RVP’s assistant will assume the duties of RVP. This is subject to approval by the AIS Board of Directors.

C. Other nominations can be made by the general AIS membership. A petition may be submitted by any forty (40), AIS members. Not more than fifteen (15) can be found in one area. The petition may nominate one or more consenting candidates whose names will be added to the ballot. The RVP must receive these petitions no later than July 1, the day before the election. After the petition and names of the nominating committee have been submitted to Regional AIS Membership, the officers will be elected. Ballots will be published in the Fall Newsletter, or distributed to members by other means during August. Ballots must not be returned after September 15. Nominations for any office may only be received by one person. The nominees will then be declared elected. The AIS Board of Directors will recommend the nominee for the RVP to be approved and appointed.

D. The RVP shall, subject to approval by the Executive Committee, appoint a successor to the office of Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant RVP or Secretary in the event of a vacancy.


C. Roberts Rules of Order Revised shall govern this organization in all matters not covered under the bylaws of American Iris Society.


B. To pass any amendment, a two-thirds (2/3) vote from all voting persons shall be required.

After payment or provision for payment of all liabilities and debts of the organization, the assets of the organization will be dispersed to one or more exempt purposes, according to section 501(c). The federal government or a state or local government shall receive the assets for a public purpose.

adopted at the R17 Convention
August 15, 2015.

Standing rules are any conditions or rules that a nonprofit decides to impose on itself within the framework of the official nonprofits laws. Standing rules can’t conflict with the National AIS Bylaws. Standing rules are used to identify and define each region or local affiliate and to establish the relationship between them with the National AIS. However, the bylaws provide the identity and definition of each region or affiliate and their relationship with each other. They should be able to specify the most important conditions they want to impose on their members, which will, in general, be permanent. Its bylaws as adopted by its membership determine the purpose and policies for AIS R17. The National American Iris Society directs its programs and operations.

The membership adopts standing rules because they govern the entire region or affiliate. They are based on cooperation and teamwork for mutually agreed purposes. It is important to review and approve all standing rules, update them if necessary, and make any changes.

Any standing rules may be modified at any time. If notice has been given to members prior to the meeting about the proposed change, the change can be approved with a majority vote (if there is a quorum). If notice is not given before the meeting, the required vote of 2/3 members (if a majority has been established) is required.

These rules are now in force and attached to the current Bylaws for AIS Region 17.

Rule 1. YOUTH ACHIEVEMENT Award. An award for youth outstanding achievement may be presented annually at the Region 17 Annual Convention. Each year, a $50.00 check is required. The Executive Committee may also grant financial assistance to cover expenses for the AIS National Convention. These funds must not exceed $300 and can be used as needed. The Clarke Cosgrove Award, which is the National AIS Youth Award, will be presented to the winner.

Rule 2. NEWSLETTER. R17 Newsletters will be published twice a year. Information must be submitted by February 15, and September 15 for the fall newsletter.